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The Seasonal Wisdom Circles 2019

You are invited

Bookings are now open for 4 circles of yoga and herbal wisdom

for reconnection to the female menstrual cycle

Namaste to you! And welcome. I'm Maryanne.

I teach a few styles of yoga around North-west Sydney and the NSW central coast, Australia, while also studying B Health Science (Naturopathy) at Endeavour College.

I love holding space for people. For connection and for stillness. Space for exploration of our truest selves, and for honouring ourselves as we are: LOVE.

Here is my online space:

Resources and info on classes and workshops for supporting + connecting with you. And a shop offering my handmade organic body care balms and oils.

Yin and Yang yoga

Yin / Ashtanga Vinyasa

In Yin yoga, we are encouraged to soften our muscles and find a new 'edge'. Mainly seated, we hold poses in supported ways for 3 minutes or longer, stimulating and unblocking the body's energy channels (meridians) which are linked to specific organs. This length of time also effects the body's soft tissues, in particular fascia: a web-like tissue that wraps around all of our muscles and organs. By softening the muscles, we allow space for changes in the fascia, which changes our range of movement and flexibility.

Ashtanga is comprised of a set sequence, led by the breath and beginning with Sun Salutations. It is a dynamic practice of standing and sitting postures, focusing on correct alignment, steadying the mind and bringing awareness to our core stability.  There are many possibilities and options of poses to make sure they are accessible for you.  Ashtanga is traditionally self-guided, so this led class a great way to begin exploring this style, or to check in with your current practice.

Lunar Bloom Yoga:

Yoga for women’s wellbeing

A nourishing and empowering practice that gives you time for YOU! This is a safe space for women to just be. No matter what phase of life, or time of your cycle, as a woman you are welcome to this healing space that gives you tools to reconnect to your source, to empower you in your body and to nourish your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies!

As women, we are blessed to hold deep intuitive wisdom that is transformative, enlightening, and it is US in our truest forms. Lunar Bloom Yoga holds a safe, nurturing space just for women to move and reconnect with our feminine truth; for this is where we hold our power. Based on Trantrik yoga, we lovingly embrace ourselves as we are. We connect with the divine feminine, our essence, in sacred, luscious yoga movements that make you feel GOOD and which can be hard to grasp in other forms of yoga.

Base Botanicals:

Opening Soon

Yoga is not just an asana (pose) practice. It can be a way of life, where the teachings and benefits flow off the mat. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. My passion lies in helping people be and stay well through nutrition and herbs. This is the purpose for my wellbeing shop, where there will be hand selected and hand made items aimed at supporting and nourishing you. When yoga flows into other areas of our lives, it means our health and overall wellbeing becomes a priority and we choose to eat well, consume well and generally live well, because we are moving our bodies well!


My classes aim to connect us to our mind, body and the earth.

I have 4 central themes to my approach in teaching and practising yoga:

  • Connection to the earth and its rhythms

  • Nourishment, to honour the rhythms of our own inner cycles

  • Activating and re-balancing our feminine (Shakti) energy

  • Moving and flowing in a way that respects our unique bodies

Trained in London in ashtanga and yin yoga, and with a deep connection to womb-honouring yoga, meditation and sound, my yoga classes explore how we can use the breath, mind and movement to feel deeper within ourselves, and to activate + re-balance energy to make LASTING change in our health and lifestyle.

Above all, I love to share with people the tools and joys of yoga to create space; a space for peace, happiness and stillness.

It's a journey but it's all possible. Follow me and tag your own journey at #questforstillness


Lunar Bloom Yoga

Enter a sacred space held just for women to embrace their Shakti: their divine feminine energy.

Honour your truth in this online place filled with resources, yoga and magic for women's wellbeing and empowerment.

Join me  for sacred circles and connections

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