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Hi I'm Maryanne: yoga teacher and naturopath student, based in Sydney

yoga Qualifications

Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Yoga Alliance Certified RYT 200 hours (London, UK)

Mental Health Basics for Yoga Teachers with Heather Mason (London,UK)

Asana Adjustments with Melanie Cooper London,UK)

I am a women's wellbeing, yin and yang yoga teacher + practitioner, eco-warrior and plant-eater based in sydney. I have been blessed to have two very respected teachers as my main mentors guiding me through my practicing and teaching journey, Melanie Cooper and Norman Blair.  Their non-dogmatic, practical and spiritual teachings have helped shaped my practice into one that is surrounded by compassion, acute body-awareness and non-violence (ahimsa).

My nourishing, welcoming, women's wellbeing yoga is called lunar bloom. this is what i am so excited about at the moment! find out more here.

i also teach ashtanga yoga, and a yang flow that is focused on the phases of the moon and creatively sequenced to help connect ourselves deeper within.

My yin yoga classes are influenced largely by my two teachers Norman and Melanie. We explore the energy channels/meridians affected in poses, the use of props for support and relaxation, and mindfulness. 

The themes of my classes are always based around: inclusivity + dropping the ego, listening to your body, drawing energy from the earth, connecting to your inner-self.

In my own practice, i practice ashtanga yoga, womb yoga, and I incorporate yin yoga throughout my week, particularly when I am feeling overwhelmed, busy and stressed.  As well as a yoga teacher, I am a photographer over at www.maryannetorok.com

My longer super honest uncensored story...

I am an Australian living in London since 2013.  I was born 6th out of 7 kids in Sydney. So big families, huge backyard bbqs with competitive pool games, LOTS of kids and lots of weddings have pretty much always been a part of my life.  This would be why I have always loved being around lots of people I know and love, as well as being able to move around chaos and mess pretty easily; and (not always the best trait), I can have a pretty good resilience and determination in an argument!

As you might guess, I love yoga. I have a very deep connection to my daily practice, as it has provided me with immense life-changing and transformative tools to connect to myself and to cope with my anxiety and stress.  Actually, I never really knew I had anxiety and stress until I unexpectedly (but gratefully) started to connect to myself through yoga and see real changes.  I bit my nails from the age of 6, I had dramatic mood swings and bursts of anger since I was a teenager, I fed my emotions with poor food choices and I literally HATED being by myself, on my own – I feared to be alone with me!  All these things I know are common human struggles - we feel emotions and it is a gift. But, as challenging as it is, we don't have to let the underlying struggles of stress + anxiety that cause unhappiness rule us. I have always been a very accepting, loving, forgiving and passionate and creative person, and when I was 25, riddled with discontent and knee-deep in a media career that sucked the life out of me (I was so unhappy and uninspired!), I was finally ready for HUGE change. So I was open to everything and anything that would re-ignite my creativity and passion:

I was ready to embrace all of the BEST parts of me even more. And I couldn't have done any of it without practising yoga <3

Enter a strong pull to yoga- I didn’t know why but in my early 20s I kept being drawn to yoga classes, being led and guided by warming, welcoming teachers- not only physically but also spiritually. I then discovered Ashtanga yoga, and my daily practice began.  I literally started to FEEL different and see the differences in my mood, emotions, relationships and my ability to cope with stressful situations.  I unexpectedly gained the ability to step outside of difficult situations and just be more positive, present, accepting and grounded. I began to notice when my mood changed and I let my anger out on people close to me, so much that I was able to step back more and more and change my perspective to one more loving.  I had strength and self-discipline to change my eating habits and create a wholesome, clean and natural lifestyle that is completely sustainable for me to feel healthy, happy and energised.  I now absolutely LOVE being by myself, being alone and embracing time to get to know ME – if I can’t do that, then who can?

5 years on and now my daily yoga practice not only involves the physical poses (asana) but also meditation, breath (pranayama) and chanting.  Some days I don’t have a physical asana practice- I might have a breathing practice, I may chant, but I will always meditate: my non-negotiable practice. It has also introduced me to so many other beautiful traditions and ways of living: Ayurveda, sacred chanting and Hindu philosophy.  All of these aspects continue to guide me in my lifestyle and spiritual awareness, for which I am so grateful.

It is because of my daily practice that I can love and live fully: I can connect deeper with + appreciate everything and everyone in my life. It brings me home to connect to me, and it helps me stay or return there even when things aren't going so well, and I'm not taking a photo at the top of a mountain.

Yoga has helped me find space in the clutter of daily life; it helps me to constantly connect and reconnect to myself + nature, which is a connection that then flows out to all others.

I love to give people the tools of yoga to create space; a space for movement and physical awareness to flow and for peace, stillness and happiness to expand. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to connect with you some time!

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