Patience is a state of being that I have recently started to hold in much higher regard - as surprising or shocking as that may be to some, for shouldn't I already exercise patience by age 27?  Alas, it was always a value that I accepted I didn't have much of; and that was it.  I am sure we all have ways of being that we we could work harder at changing in order to place higher value on things that deserve it.  So I did always know I should have had more of it in order respect everything and everyone around me, and to accept that one cannot attain everything at once.  Over time, more and more in this digitised world, the state of waiting becomes tiresome quicker; hinderance, a blockage stopping you from moving forward. It brings to light the notion of automatic vs manual. Our world (or mine, in London) is constantly automising: as manual processes are pushed away, replaced and deleted, it is easy to have tendancy to find value only in what we can receive now, at this very moment.

The idea of taking time to work for something, to wait for it and be patience for its outcomes has been devalued.  What if we just slowed down more, and appreciated that manual process - waiting for a parcel; stopping a record and turning it over to hear the next song; rewinding a movie to watch it again. Or maybe just be more present on what we have to do right now to reach our goals - instead of placing energy into reasons why we haven't got there yet.  I've heard it all before but now I will embrace it: I say, bring on slowing down, doing the work and enjoying the journey that this process takes you on to get there.  Excuse me while I go turn over that record.

Maryanne Torok