From Clarity to Inspiration

How my laptop's hard drive is a direct reflection of the goings on of my mind

I wrote the following piece two months ago, but never posted it. It is really insightful looking back to where my mind and feelings were, and looking at where they are now. For eg, the state of my digital space vs my mental space.  A lot of mental (+ digital) transformations have happened since then, and I do feel that as a result of writing the below and coming to these conclusions, it really helped me change my mindset.

It is amazing what writing your thoughts down can do to move through challenges and uncertainties.

Inspiration is clarity and clarity is inspiration (a piece i wrote in Feb 2016)

Constant creation relies on constant inspiration. One cannot thrive creatively without constantly striving for and gathering inspiration.  This has popped up big time for me the past few weeks as I have noticed some blockages that aren’t allowing me to push forward with my creativity and projects. I have been on overdrive mode, constantly thinking, planning, developing, but then getting stuck, frustrated and impatient with myself because I can’t finish, decide or move forward with any of these tasks.  Clarity or a feeling of a lack of clarity has been strong for me also, as I realise that all my ideas are scattered in my brain, like an unorganised computer hard drive.  Or, more specfically, my actual hard drive! It appears that as I am on a mission and journey to live a completely intentional life, de-cluttering my computer should be at the top of my list.  The physical desk is now 70% digital, so while we know that a clean workspace helps for productivity, this also includes our digital space.  I am sure it is something a lot of people know and perhaps practise, but no not I! I am getting BETTER at a clean desk space, but my desktop space? I couldn’t even tell you what is on there.

Ok, so I am now understanding where my clarity needs to start.  I have a strong feeling that through more clarity, inspiration is generated. And one could also suggest that through inspiration springs clarity.  Inspiration is clarity and clarity is inspiration.  As I have been on fast-pace mode, my mind racing with ideas but unable to surface and manifest in the way that I would like them to, I realise I need to take a step back.  By removal from the situation, a rest from the mind’s antics and experiencing nature as it is in the moment, one can de-clutter and re-fuel, re-callibrate and re-ignite.  A day away from the constants of the mind can settle over-active thoughts and make room for the inspiration and actually spur on inspiration, so that it is received naturally, openly and with delight.  I realise now that through curating my intentional life, I have missed a square in the picture - which is that while I am making room for more goodness and energy that I desire, I need to be OPEN to receive it all.

Not only this, but I need to make room for it by actually removing those things that are in direct competition of it.  In the case of wanting more clarity and inspiration, I need to remove the clutter, rest my mind a little more, settle on ideas and be encouraging and gentle with myself. The constants of my mind do not need to be dismissed by any means, but rather nourished through patience; and fed with clarity for inspiration; inspiration for clarity.