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New Moon, Full Moon and the power of the earth.

When I started to feel dissatisfaction and unrest with my life’s direction and situation over 1 year ago, it was because I felt like my creativity was being suppressed and my career was not aligned to my passions. When it all got too much and I couldn’t handle it anymore, I FINALLY started to do some internal work to change it all - largely through loads of meditation and further deepening my yoga practice.  I started to notice patterns in my feelings, behaviour and energy which all ended up being linked INCREDIBLY to the moon.  I would feel strong vibrations and high energy with lots of emotions during the full moon; I would retreat and go into planning mode after the new moon.  I then started to harness this energy and embrace the changes, rather than resist them. As a result, I have been able to connect with my inner self and find and cultivate my passions. I am moving closer and closer to my calling, and I am finally re-connected to my creativity, letting that drive everything I do.  Having a strong relationship with the earth and particularly with the moon’s rhythms really is a magical experience, which has effectively helped shape my current life in the most meaningful way- I am on a path that I am MORE THAN happy about - I am (all cheesiness intended) OVER THE MOON xx

If you are wondering how you can harness the moon’s energies to unlock creative potential, cultivate your passions and live a well-curated life, let me share some simple and meaningful things that I do for the full and new moons.

1. Find a moon calendar, or download a moon phases app - I use Simple Moon Phases app for Samsung which gives a widget of the moon in its daily phases.

2. Reflect: In the days leading up to it, I take moments to reflect on where I am at and how I feel.  I also think about what I have been doing the past two weeks and how I have been feeling. I might journal, record an audio speaking to myself, or just use my time on buses and the tube to sit and think.

3. Set my intentions for the next 2 weeks (till the new moon) How do I want to approach the next two weeks?  How do I want to feel and what areas of my inner self do I need to call on to feel this way?

3. Read some astrology resources from people I trust and follow for extra guidance. The main tribes I am apart of are: KV & The Aquarius Nation, Sarah Wilder - The Fifth Element Life and The Little Sage

4. Meditate on my set intentions and the guidance I have read that resonates with me.  I focus on letting go and releasing what I don’t need anymore, accepting what I cannot change and bring forth energy to get me through the next two weeks.  I breathe in my intentions and really feel how I want them to feel, so I begin feeling them even in the smallest way.  The meditation app 1 Giant Mind is a great way to learn how to meditate and make it a daily thing.

5. Self care I make an intention to do at least one small thing to honour myself, such as waking up earlier to meditate and watch the sun rise. Or having a bath and sitting amongst candles and incense.

6. Slow Yin or restorative yoga or gong sound bath: In Ashtanga yoga, the tradition is to take rest on the days of the full moon and new moon. This has been a great reminder for resting and re-charging, by honouring my physical practice and balancing this with restoration. Slow yoga practices like Yin Yoga is a powerful counter-balancing style that allows for the space needed to soften the muscles and tune in to what the body really needs in the moment. Gong sound baths are also an amazing experience for releasing and de-toxifying the body through vibrations - and in turn re-calibrating yourself with the earth's vibrations.

6. Crystals: I have a forever growing crystal + stone collection- crystals and rocks serve a purpose in carrying specific energy that you can connect with.  I bathe them under the full moon with the intentions of cleansing their energy and literally re-charging them. I rinse them under cold water (unless they shouldn't be in water) and place them outside or at my window for the moon to reach them.

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