Our Intuitive Permission

Giving the power back to our own intuition



...to be acknowledged, to move forward, to be accepted. When making life-changing decisions, do we make them based on our own intuitive approval and discerning criticism? Or do we consult, confide and query with people close or around us? When uncovering an idea that we are passionate about - one that is closely linked to our soul and core desires - do we turn for approval from other people?  When completing a task related to our passions, do we ask those same people for their opinions and acceptance?  I can admit to all of these.  And of course, criticism, feedback and honest responses from others are completely necessary and have their place in everyone’s lives. For without honouring and accepting people’s opinions, we may never grow, learn or change for the better of ourselves.  But to what extent must we listen, or even ask?

The trick is to not let our questions for help, approval and criticism dictate our level of permission- at the end of the day, this needs to come purely from ourselves.  From my own experience, through my schooling, higher education and in the workforce, receiving feedback and chances for progression relied alot on other people’s approval to do so. While autonomy and empowerment is regularly suggested, traditional methods of education and career development involve third party (by which I mean, someone other than yourself) approval and permission to develop and progress. It has been entwined in my nature to ask before and after I do; I have been conditioned to seek approval and, in effect, hand some [sometimes] delicate, precious power over to someone else.  This way of working, creating and doing has been instilled in me due to the fact that for the majority of my life so far I have been a child and minor; a niave being of the world who has needed approval and permission from older, wiser and mature guardians.  At 27, after 10 years of adult life, there is a well-ingrained habit that I need to unpick.  And so perhaps I bring it on myself now: after my years of education, self development, growth and maturity, why have I not given myself the respect I deserve for KNOWING the answer, UNDERSTANDING what I need, and TRUSTING myself, thereby giving more power to my intuition? With a habit that has been around for a while, I must first start by acknowledging what needs to change.  That is: my OWN trust in my OWN guidance. And my OWN allowance of my OWN permission.

This is not to say that, in whatever task we are partaking, receiving guidance and ideas for improvement are not valuable or to be considered.  What we must remember though is that the opinions of one person, or even many, are not necessarily the right and only opinions we should accept.  When we act, respond and feel first and foremost through our inner being - our intuition - we can automatically empower ourselves to make the final decision, plan and outcome we should make.  Reading, listening and accepting other people’s opinions as gospel for our own lives do not necessarily help us grow or move in the direction of our own purpose.  However, understanding and respecting other people’s opinions through the eyes of our inner guide instead can help us make the most informed decisions right for us.  In this way, we are merely taking what we appreciate, acknowledging what resonates with us and releasing the rest.

So when it next comes to taking that leap, actioning that next task or creating from the heart something that we are passionate about, let’s first look inside. Let us trust what we feel is right and permit ourselves to start from there. When we have made progress, instead of checking in with someone else, let’s check in with ourselves and move forward from a place guided by our intuition and empowered by ourselves.  I give myself permission.  I hope you do too.

Maryanne Torok