The birth of the sun

While the Summer Solstice always excites me as I am in my most complete element in warm weather and bright sunlight, I have found a new love for the Winter Solstice.  The sun is born again.  We welcome it back after its long hiding as it retreated away to offer its warmth to another part of the earth.  When we are without, we can see the difference of living with.  A lack of one brings abundance of another. Living in a part of the world where sunlight is scarce even during the summer months, one really begins to understand the importance of balance and appreciation.  Gratitude is strong and ever increasing for that which I am now deprived.  And what’s more, it is in my blood and deep within my bones to crave the sun. I crave the nourishment and brightness that it is has to offer, and so every Summer Solstice I let it leave with.. if but with reluctance...

Since I have now been exposed to a lifestyle of opposing elements, watching summer quickly roll in to Europe and equally as fast (if not faster) roll away, I am more connected with the earth.  One must work with the forces - of hot and cold, wet and dry - and live with, not against. There is no other way.  Just as the trees and animals move through the earth’s rhythms day and night, season to season, we should do the same. The natural world is far more powerful than our built world, so acknowledging its force and bowing to its constitution is a most humbling experience.  How? Make use of the hibernating effects of cold and dark winter months by retreating within and recalibrating yourself.  Then welcome the sun at the lengthening and warming summer days as you can put all your recalibration and planning into practice.

So as I acknowledge this Winter Solstice, l am welcoming the sun and the new season with open arms.  I consider this a celebratory time as I can now openly greet the sun for offering us longer days and warmer months, even if it is hiding behind clouds in London for the most part.  I feel welcomed to slowly, gradually remove my cocoon and start unravelling all I have been planning and attracting.

If you have just experienced the Summer Solstice, let this be a time of reflection and gratitude for all that the season’s days have offered. It is time to set intentions for what more is needed to be achieved over the next few months.

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