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Holiday Blues: All the feels

Why do we sometimes come home and need a holiday from our holiday?  Why can we sometimes treat a break like an ‘escape’ from our real lives? Do you ever go away on holiday and things just don’t work out, or you feel sudden surges of lethargy, or worse – you feel stressed and anxious about small things during your day? 

While yoga and meditation do definitely bring more peace and contentedness, what is spoken less of is the way that these two practices bring to the surface deep emotions.  Add a holiday to this and we have even more time to ourselves without the usual distractions.  When we give ourselves time to check in and observe how we are, we are releasing tension and built up emotion and energy. We also strengthen our ability to notice more and more how we are in every moment. And not everything is sunshine and peaches all the time is it? This is natural and all part of the process and journey - to release ourselves of our every day struggles, but we have to feel them first.

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