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Women's sacred space




A nourishing and empowering practice that gives you time for YOU! This is a safe space for women to just be. No matter what phase of life, or time of your cycle, as a woman you are welcome to this healing space that gives you tools to reconnect to your source, to empower you in your body and to nourish your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies!

Visit the Lunar Bloom hub here. It is a space I hold on my website for sisters to explore ways of moving and feeling free in their bodies.

I also teach this special class in person, so contact me and I will give you my up-to-date schedule!

Ashtanga / YANG FLOW

Join me for a dynamic practice of Ashtanga, or an ashtanga-based yang flow.  All levels are welcome, as we bring a strong focus to the breath letting this lead our movements.

In Ashtanga classes, be prepared to work on strength, hold poses for 5 breaths and always let this breath guide you.  There are many possibilities and options of poses to make sure they are accessible for you.  Ashtanga is traditionally self-guided, so this led class a great way to begin exploring this style, or to check in with your current practice.

Ashtanga is comprised of a set sequence, led by the breath and beginning with Sun Salutations. It is a dynamic practice of standing and sitting postures, focusing on correct alignment, steadying the mind and bringing awareness to our core stability.


In Yin yoga, we are encouraged to soften our muscles and find a new 'edge'. Mainly seated, we hold poses in supported ways for 3 minutes or longer, stimulating and unblocking the body's energy channels (meridians) which are linked to specific organs. This length of time also effects the body's soft tissues, in particular fascia: a web-like tissue that wraps around all of our muscles and organs. By softening the muscles, we allow space for changes in the fascia, which changes our range of movement and flexibility.


Yoga in your office

I can teach your office, colleagues, clients yoga and/or meditation.  Classes can run when it suits you - before work, at lunch, after work.